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Have you “fallen off the wagon” with food?

The only time a person EVER “falls off a wagon”

is when there’s a wagon to fall off of; 

a set of rules, ideals, or beliefs around food that we let determine how we feel about ourselves.

“I was sooo good with food yesterday, and today, I SUCK.”

Sound familiar?

and I’m guessing when you go into the place of “I suck,”

when you “fall off the wagon,”

you fall hard…like knee-deep-in-brownie-batter-hard. 

Not fun, and so avoidable. 

If you want to make peace with food, and stop shame-eating cookies in the middle of the night,

Ask yourself,

what “wagons” am I trying not to fall off of?

Where am I judging my performance with food?

Where did I draw an imaginary line of “not okay” around food?

And slowly start to peel off those layers within yourself. 

Because as long as there’s a wagon to fall off of—you WILL fall off of it eventually.

“Falling off” is not your problem. Your wagon is your problem. 

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How “emotional eating” could be saving your ass.

Most of my clients think that emotional eating is a curse. That it’s an unfortunate defect they’ve been blighted with, and they were dealt a bad hand in life when it comes to food and weight.

“Poor me! I’m sick of this! Will this food problem ever not torment me?!”

Or something along those lines.

But here’s my take on it…

I’m not sure emotional eating is a bad thing. In fact, I think it might be my guardian angel. 

Stay with me…I promise I’m onto something…

Emotional eating is an attempt to deal with a tough problem, feeling, or situation that we don’t know how to deal with and often don’t even know that we have without some kind of symptom to remind us. 

That twitchy feeling that makes us want to rummage through the cabinets is really just a gentle signal reminding us to clue into what’s bothering us before it becomes a more serious problem.

(…and if you’re thinking to yourself “my emotional eating isn’t so gentle…” remember, binge eating and emotional eating are not the same thing…and have different fundamental causes. To learn more about the difference between binge eating and emotional eating, check out my free video training series here.)

This all to say…

When we strip away all the harsh judgement of our emotional eating—when we stop calling it a disease, a defect, a problem in and of itself—we can finally see it for what it truly is:

An alert that something in our life needs our attention. Something completely unrelated to food or our weight. 

Be grateful for the reminder. It might be saving your ass.  

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Why You Can’t End The Diet-Binge Cycle

You may already know that the biggest predictor of binge eating is dieting or food restriction of some kind.

That being said—dieting, by itself, is not the root cause of binge eating… 

Poor body image—and the strong pressure we feel to control our weight in the first place—must be addressed to change diet-binge cycling patterns for good.

In my experience with clients—fear of weight gain—is the root cause of almost ALL binge eating. 

Fear of weight gain is why it’s so hard to relax around food—to believe fully that food really is “just food.”

Fear of weight gain backs us up against a wall and says “you don’t have a choice in this matter—get thin or die.”

When you let yourself be controlled by your fear of gaining weight—because you believe the walls will cave in around you or the Earth will burst into flames if you do—that’s when the diet-binge cycle truly begins. 

That’s when you start judging every bite of food you feed yourself,

that’s when you can’t help but to obsess about your food,

that’s when you feel like you don’t have a choice but to restrict,

because you believe your survival depends on it. 

And then it’s just a matter of time before you can’t fight the restriction any longer—before you’re lunging for that jar of peanut butter because you just need some relief from the tension of “hanging on” to your diet for dear life. 

The pressure is too much; it’s too heavy to bear.

When you’re only okay with yourself at a certain weight, it’s like you’re handing food a baseball bat and saying:

“You have the power to make or break me, show me who’s boss.”

Binge Eating is an almost certain outcome of hating your body in the long run. It’s just a matter of time. 

Is body acceptance something you’re willing to work on? What are you willing to let go of, to get to the other side?

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The #1 Reason Intuitive Eating Fails…

When did “intuitive eating” become the Hunger & Fullness Diet? Can someone please explain to me why the world has forgotten the “intuition” part of “intuitive eating?”

Because let me tell you, “intuitive eating” does NOT mean “eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full…or else.”

It means using that little voice inside of you—the same voice that reminds you to lock your door before you fall asleep, and not go home with that guy you met at some bar.

Your intuition is a product of your mind, body and spiritual knowing. It’s a part of your body—hence hunger and fullness play an important role in guiding it—but it’s not ONLY your body.

It’s also informed by logic, environment, as well as something entirely different — something metaphysical; something only you can know in yourself.

It’s the voice that tells you what to order at a restaurant when you’re not hungry at all, but want to enjoy food and festivities with friends.

(If you’ve emailed me and asked me what to do when “you’re not hungry” but have set dinner plans, you’re definitely on the “Hunger and Fullness Diet,” and not eating intuitively).

Bring the “intuition” back into your intuitive eating journey, and your world will change.

Not just your food—Your World.

Hint: Intuitive eating is practice for intuitive living, and vice versa. They can not be successfully separated. 

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