My life still sucks sometimes…

Today, I want to debunk a big fat myth — the myth that your life will be perfect when you finally “get this food thing under control.”

It won’t.

You’ll actually have ALL of the same problems you have today,

you just won’t blame them on your weight anymore.

You’ll still get nervous before a first date.

You’ll still worry that people are judging you.

You’ll still have issues with your mother.

You still might get cancer.

You still might not get the job you want.

You’ll still worry that your partner isn’t attracted to you.

Whatever anxiety you think you’ll be free of when you’re thin…you won’t be. You’ll just be willing to look at the anxiety for what it really is, rather than make it about something that it isn’t.

In many ways, hating our bodies is an adaptation. It gives the illusion that all of our problems are controllable through dieting. When they’re not.

You can’t escape being human. Shit’s gonna happen. And there’s not much you can do about it — not even lose weight. 

How about them apples?