Is sugar (un)healthy? It depends.

Like most things in life, it all depends on the context. 

…am I eating it with fiber or protein or something else that will slow its absorption into my blood?

…is it bringing me joy, or serving some kind of mental health purpose in my life?

…am I weight restoring after a period of restriction?

…is it somebody’s birthday? Or some other celebratory occasion?

…am I diabetic and going hypoglycemic?

…did my daughter bake it for me with her loving bare hands?

…am I an athlete in need of quick fuel for a race?

…am I super hungry and need something to cut the discomfort while I wait for my meal?

…how are we defining “sugar?” (glucose? fructose? sucrose? maltose? Some of these are required for SURVIVAL…not to mention “health”).

…how are we defining “health?” (the absence of disease? improved quality of life? holistic well-being? stress levels or anxiety? ability to connect with others or participate in your social world?)

Human beings love to label and categorize things—but the reality is context matters. 

In other words, it’s not as simple as “to sugar” or “not to sugar;” it’s a much more nuanced conversation than that.

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