Fatphobia: The Ghost of Weight-Related Trauma


that is,

your personal fear (phobia) of fatness;
or your judgments of yourself or others on the basis of size,

is not who you are. 


The fear, shame, or judgments you experience around weight are not fundamental to your being—but rather, expressions of an energy outside of yourself—an external force that invades your consciousness and hypnotizes you without your permission.

This energy—which is the ghost of both our personal and collective trauma around weight—is not who you are, but only a visitor to your psyche.

You may sometimes forget which voice is yours and which belongs to this visitor,

…which is why, when it comes up, we name it:

Fat Phobia.

We name it so we can call it something other than us.
We name it so we can recognize it is not our voice.
We name it so we can put space between “me” and “it.”

The first step in separating yourself from this voice, is 

naming it—
noticing it—
recognizing it—

is not You.  

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