Can’t stop “grazing” or snacking? Don’t forget about THIS.

As a dieter, I was the queen of “grazing,”

primarily because I was constantly trying to eat the least amount of food possible at every eating event—or at least stay within my boundary du jour—which left me perpetually unsatisfied, running back and forth to the kitchen continuously throughout the day.

It rarely occurred to me to go to a restaurant and order what I really wanted for dinner…right off the entrée menu…without having to ask for anything “on the side.”

Even when I was “off the wagon,” I rarely considered going to a restaurant and ordering something truly filling and satisfying,

it was more likely I’d rummage through the cabinets grabbing spoonfuls or handfuls until I felt sick…or go to a dark corner store with my sunglasses on and bulk buy…whatever.

Warm, filling, satisfying, non-diet MEALS

…with creamy sauces and ALL the food groups,
…with the intention of both nourishment AND enjoyment,
…something both physically filling and emotionally satisfying,

rarely occurred in my diet OR binge-eating worlds…I practically forgot them as options. 

I’ll never forget thinking to myself in early recovery: “it’s been years since I had a burrito for lunch.” 

Of course, a thick burrito—with all the trimmings—was exactly what I needed at that moment.

Filling, satisfying, delicious, and all the food groups—a burrito was about as close to “real food,” as I’d considered in a long time.

At that moment, I remembered that regular, hearty, filling meals…are a thing,

and maybe an important part of finding complete satiation after years of dieting and restriction.

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