An intimate teacher training experience for up-and-coming wellness professionals

...who want to excel in the field of food & body recovery, grow a body-positive business, and lead this movement online.

“Isabel's commitment to the weight-neutral approach, and wealth of knowledge about business-building and marketing, have made her one of my most trusted and admired colleagues. I wish I’d known her at the start of my career, because it would’ve saved me years of trial and error in building my own business!”

Christy Harrison

MPH, RD, CDN & Creator of the FoodPsych Podcast

“My online program and retreat — Virgie Tovar's ‘Babecamp’ — literally would not exist without Isabel’s guidance along the way. She talked me through the nitty gritty details of development, giving me critical business advice I never would have thought of on my own...she pushed me to the next phase of my career.“

Virgie Tovar

Body Activist, Creator of Babecamp

“There’s a reason Isabel’s at the top of her game — she knows her shit inside and out, and knows how to get it to the people who need it most. From her website and branding, to programs and content, most people know Isabel as a fixture in the anti-diet movement…and she's equally impressive behind the scenes.”

Caroline Dooner

health coach, Creator of
‘The Fuck It Diet’

As I've worked with food and body-image over the past decade, one thing has become clear:

the world needs more...
more leaders,
more activists, and more weight neutral wellness professionals —

with the resources and support necessary to make an impact.

I want to develop the talents of those coaches, nutritionists, fitness and wellness professionals who will grow this movement beyond a passing trend,

to ensure they have the education needed to help those struggling with food and body-image challenges — and the business & marketing skills necessary to reach those who need them most.

Who Needs Mentorship?

Does This Sound Familiar?

Before working with Isabel, I was getting lots of interest in my coaching services…but from people who were confused about what I did (i.e. they didn’t understand the value of diet recovery work) or who were simply not ready to give up dieting and the goal of weight loss. I was having a tough time communicating my message and reaching the people I really wanted to help.

I also lacked confidence in working with clients around body image concerns. I had a lot of training in “Intuitive Eating” and the non-diet approach, but could only get my clients so far without the body image component—which seemed to be lacking in my other trainings. I felt stuck when my clients’ fear of weight gain would come up and I knew I needed tools to help them through these fears if I was going to be truly effective in my work long-term.

Thankfully, I started noticing positive changes in my coaching practice almost immediately after diving into Isabel’s methods. Her concepts are so well articulated (not to mention make so much sense!), making them easy to communicate and pass on to my clients. Listening to Isabel’s case studies were also a game-changer. I can’t think of a better way to improve my coaching skills than to *actually listen* to someone like Isabel coaching clients through *real life* food and body situations. The more case studies I listened to, the more confident I felt in my own coaching practice—and I’m still continuing to learn from them as time goes on. Our live teacher training calls have also been invaluable—allowing me to go over my own challenging client situations (and business situations!) with her directly whenever I need extra support.

On the business front, Isabel helped me make strategic tweaks to my website and messaging—and within hours of relaunching my website I had bookings for introduction calls with the EXACT client I was targeting. Within a few days, not only did I have more calls and emails than I had had in a very long time, but they were ALL people looking for the exact services I was offering. I know I should not be surprised, but I still can not believe all of Isabel’s advice and coaching worked so well with such fast results! I honestly feel this is the best money I have spent professionally so far.

Tara Miller,

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Before working with Isabel, I felt under-educated (and definitely not fully healed) around my own fatphobia and diet mentality, despite having worked with several “food and body” coaches before her. I felt like I could only take my clients 60% of the way to recovery (which was about as far as I had gone myself) but I couldn’t get them over the hill to true solid recovery, because I myself hadn’t gotten there either. I was living in “light recovery,” no longer engaging in active dieting, but a lot of subconscious dieting and constantly fighting my negative body image thoughts.

I’d worked with other coaches specializing in emotional eating and food & body relationship, but it wasn’t until my work with Isabel that I felt fully healed at the true ROOT of my issues—the link between my food behaviors and my body-image. Today, I no longer feel confused when certain food or body image challenges arise—in myself or in my clients. I’m able to relax around food rather than being in my head all the damn time, and I can accept my body rather than living in fear, shame, and diet-starts-tomorrow mentality.

I feel confident and excited to do my work now because I’m armed with all the tools I need to make real change in my clients’ food issues. Within just a few weeks of working with Isabel, my clients went from struggling with “half-way” recovery to experiencing massive breakthroughs and “a-ha” moments in our work together.

Working with Isabel should honestly be a non-negotiable for any coach working in the nutrition, health, or body image realm. My entire approach has changed after working with her, and I feel so much better informed and equipped to coach women through anything food-and-body related.

Natalie Zises,

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Whether you’re just getting started with coaching and want to work with those struggling with food,

or you’re a seasoned wellness professional who’s tired of pushing weight-normative ideas that don’t work,

this program will leave you with the education needed to confidently — and responsibly — work with those struggling with a variety of food and body image concerns.*

*including but not limited to diet-binge cycling, emotional/binge eating, food obsession, diet-mentality, body-shame, weight-stigma, etc.

Whether you want to start a coaching practice from the ground up,

or you want to transform your existing wellness business and make an impact online,

I want to help you grow a business in alignment with your values...and advance your career using the most effective marketing tools available to the body-positive entrepreneur.

If you’re a wellness professional who wants to work with others around food and body-image issues, or launch a business that stands out within this movement,

it’s time to get serious.
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