Getting our priorities straight around food…

Recovery from “feeling crazy around food,” really begins the moment we decide that we want sanity & freedom

more than we want thinness; more than we want our food to look a certain way.

there will no doubt be triggers towards restrictive thoughts and behaviors along the way; there will no doubt be struggles with body-image, diet-culture, or a desire to control;

but when we decide that our mental health is more valuable than trying to control our food and bodies at all costs; when we prioritize our mental health and well-being over whatever rationalization for dieting/body-hatred that our fear-brains have come up with that day,

that’s when we can finally do honest, effective work towards healing our relationship with food—that’s when we’re really on our way.

Every moment that we make a choice to put our recovery first—over our compulsive desire to control—is a moment that we stand for and move towards our own liberation.

This is the “the work” in a nutshell.

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