Things To Do… Other Than Food

When we’re really deep in the food and weight haze, it can be hard to remember that we actually have other legitimate interests outside of trying to lose weight or trying to (not) eat whatever the fuck we’re obsessed with at that very moment. When I feel the food and weight thoughts starting to choke me, like I can’t even think about anything else for more than 10 seconds, I do a quick stream-of-consciousness style mind game where I think of 5 non-food-related activities I legitimately enjoy, just to remind myself that I do in fact have interests (and a life) outside of all the silly food noise.

Quick! Think of five non-food related things you like to do right now! GO

Here are mine:

reading magazines (the top shelf kind)
HBO On Demand
making playlists
stalking myself on facebook (I am soo pretty)

your turn.