The root of the “food prison”

Hands thru bars_1A person’s inability to break free of this “food thing” is based on one thing, and one thing only:

an inability (or a refusal) to accept your body and your food as it is — no matter what.

When you decide that what you eat is not that consequential in the grand scheme of things,

that what you eat, is not what makes you “okay” or “not okay” as a human being,
that your food is fundamentally fine,
no matter if you eat 10 boxes of donuts every day for the rest of your life,
no matter what your food looks like tomorrow, yesterday, or today,
when you’re comfortable not being in control of your food,
when you stop believing there’s something wrong with you because you “eat too much,”

that’s when you’ll be free — that’s when you’ll stop torturing yourself over something as objectively meaningless as food,
and the prison of food obsession will crumble beneath you, rendering food powerless.

At any time, you can decide to live and love your life fully irrespective of what you ate that day. Life is too short to hate and scold yourself over food — to effectively put yourself in a prison of your own making;

after all, people have lived incredibly happy lives under much more dire circumstances than being full.

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