The “New Age Thinking Will Make Me Thin” Diet

unicorn4Today I want to talk about the last diet I ever went on before I actually threw in the towel on dieting for real, and that was,

The “New Age Thinking Will Make Me Thin” Diet. 

For those of you not completely saturated in “wellness culture,” this is the hot new diet on the block. 

In it’s various versions, such as…

The “Spiritual Fulfillment Makes You Thin” Diet
The “Positive Thinking Makes You Thin” Diet
The “Body Acceptance Makes You Thin” Diet
The “Meditating, Writing In Your Journal, or Healing Your Relationship With Your Mom All Make You Thin” Diet

Or my personal favorite…The “When You Stop Trying To Lose Weight, You’ll Lose Weight” Diet.

Right…because the Universe is an evil genius, and is actively trying to fuck with you.
I say, when you stop trying to lose weight you’ll just be happier and whatever weight you’re probably meant to be, but that’s another post for another time. 

These “diets” are usually honest attempts by life coaches to help women overcome compulsive or emotional eating — however, these attempts may or may not work, and do run a substantial risk of backfiring if weight loss is posed as the goal, or if someone feels shamed or wronged for their emotional eating patterns.

These “diets” may also be well-intentioned, albeit misinformed, attempts by health professionals to explain why a perfectly healthy person might not be within a BMI range of 21-25. 

(Contrary to popular belief: lots of healthy people have a BMI of greater than 25

Now, while I do believe that healing your relationship with your mother, working towards more positive thinking, and/or making peace with your body, are all probably good ideas whether you lose weight or not,

am concerned the weight loss motive and messaging of this “diet” may be keeping some women from fully making peace with food.

Because of lot of my readers mistakenly think I AM a new-age-thinking-diet-guru, I feel compelled to address this issue —

I worry the “New Age Thinking Will Make Me Thin” Diet may be keeping women from fully enjoying true, honest, body acceptance, which in my opinion is a requirement for ending the diet-binge cycle and feeling truly comfortable around food.

I worry that women are continuing to judge their food, their behaviors, and generally experiencing a lot of emotional deprivation on account of their weight loss goals.

I worry that this way of thinking promotes the very dangerous and stigmatizing idea that one’s weight is an indicator of their mental health…when believe it or not, super happy, spiritually fulfilled and mentally healthful people come in all shapes and sizes.

I worry that women are being made to feel like failures when their attempts at improving their mental or spiritual health do NOT produce permanent weight loss.

I worry that women are not doing the deep-level body image work they need to do to move on from their obsession with food, because they believe a magical-thinking solution will one day make them thinner.

And ultimately, I know that the new-age-thinking diet is still an active attempt at body control, which could very well lead to frustration and rebellion (i.e. binge-eating) in the long run.

Hope that clears up my stance on this popular diet trend!

And if you’re like my good friend Gina, who after reading this post had no idea what I was proposing instead of the New-Age-Thinking-Will-Make-Me-Thin Diet, what I’m proposing is…

ACTUAL body acceptance, without the side of “but please God make me thin.” 

In ACTUAL body acceptance, you have a far better chance of truly healing your relationship with food, and ultimately, arriving at whatever weight is natural for you — whether that be up, down, or the same, I don’t know… every BODY is different.

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