When women start working with me, they often think there’s going to be one or a short series of “breakthrough moments,” after which they’ll be free from negative thoughts around food and their bodies forevermore.

I call this the “breakthrough myth” — the myth that something will “just click,” and your food will  — as if by magic — be a breeze from that point forward.

Now, of course, I do believe that I got to where I am now in my relationship with food because of a series of incredibly powerful and poignant “a-ha” moments, where I “figured things out.”

But, to be completely honest, I swiftly forgot each of them and fell back into crazy-brain pretty quickly after every moment of enlightenment…

My sanity is just the series of moments where I remember them again. 

I spoke to a client today who “fell back” into crazy-brain after experiencing some sanity with food and her body early in her program.

She was despondent, panicked, and terribly worried that something must be fundamentally wrong with her that she “can’t do this” despite enormous effort.

And all I had to do was gently remind her where to find the sanity she’s already experienced in previous moments in time.

Sanity around food is not something that we achieve once and then never have to think about ever again…sanity around food is a meditation  — a thought pattern — that we practice coming back to again and again, watching that thought pattern feel more natural overtime.

Little by little, our sane thinking patterns become easier to come back to,

Until at some point, practicing our new way of thinking creates grooves in our mind and we don’t have to actively remember anymore, it’s just happening — a new natural way of being takes over.