Rejecting Dualistic Thinking in Your Pursuit of “Health”

Understanding the “non-diet” approach, means understanding “health” on a spectrum basis,  and rejecting over-simplified, dualistic (aka “black” and “white”) interpretations of health in our culture.

In reality, there is no such thing as “100% health” or “100% un-health,”
but rather, we are constantly bouncing around between these imaginary endpoints,
falling on different points on different days, depending on a million factors.

The word “spectrum,” in fact, may itself be misleading,
as health (and health choices) do not fall on one two-dimensional line,
but rather, on a multidimensional matrix—a collage of intersecting realms of “health”
(e.g. physical health, emotional health, and evermore subsections beyond them).

In essence, “health” is not binary

it is not something we “do” or “don’t do,”
it is not something we “have” or “don’t have,”
and it is certainly not something at which we can “fail” or “succeed.”

Health is an ebbing, flowing, living web of choices and experiences,
that we navigate differently from day to day, depending on
our ever-changing priorities, environment, and personal circumstances.

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