Okay, so I want to get really clear on my definition of the word “diet” because I think there’s some confusion out there amongst you…

This is a really important definition, because “diets” directly cause:

A) binge-eating


B) feeling crazy around food.

When I say “binge-eating is caused by diets,” I do NOT necessarily mean Weight Watchers, or Atkins, or “going paleo.”

The word “diet” can be more accurately described as: a way of eating to which you are emotionally attached.

What does emotionally attached mean? It means your self-esteem is dictated by eating that certain way.

If you feel like shit about yourself when you break the rules of your “lifestyle choice” (a.k.a. politically correct term for the word DIET), you’re most certainly at risk for binge-eating, in addition to feeling crazy around food.

That lifestyle choice could be as simple as something like “I try not to eat too much.”

If that’s a boundary that dictates your self-esteem, the second you DO eat “too much” (whatever that means), get ready to fall off the wagon.

As long as your self-esteem is attached to your food choices, you’re on a DIET.

Hope that clears things up.