I will disagree with food and body-shamers this year.

You are allowed to disagree with food and body shamers this year,
you are allowed to have a different opinion,
you are allowed to request that someone withhold body or food shaming comments around you,
you are allowed to leave the table if your request is not respected.

You are also allowed to sit quietly and disagree with them in your own mind,
with the understanding that their beliefs don’t have to be your own;
you do not need to convert others to validate your own experience,
and their approval is not needed for you to be yourself.

You are allowed to not diet, when other people are dieting.
and you can feel compassionately for dieters,
who are likely struggling just like you have,
and who are also victims of an unfortunately weight-discriminating world.

Recognize that you cannot control other people,
you cannot educate someone without their permission,
and also recognize, that doesn’t make them right,
nor does it make food or body shaming okay.

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