Changing Behaviors vs. Changing Ideologies (the core of the Non-Diet Approach)

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

When we focus on trying to change our behaviors, 

like when we try “not to binge,”
or try “not to eat emotionally,”
or try to “do the right thing” with food,

we are left frustrated, confused, and depleted—constantly faced with new circumstances and new situations, where we “don’t know what to do,” or are simply unable to do what we think we “should.”

On the flip side,
when we focus on changing our attitudes around food and weight—
when we focus on shifting our beliefs, our values, our underlying ideology, 

away from diet mentality and food-related moral judgements,
away from weight biases, and other beliefs that give food power in our lives,

we always know what to do—

food decisions of all kinds become relatively simple and effortless, once we have made an underlying ideological shift — towards body-positivity and weight neutrality; towards compassion, acceptance, and self-care.

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